Top Referral Programs in 2021 That Make You Money in Malaysia
Referral Programs, also known as affiliate marketing is one of the best work at home opportunities on the internet today. Not only does it provide a good way to earn money on the internet, but it also well known marketing strategy proven to be one of the most effective methods to making money online.

In fact, if you’re planning on starting a work at home business in general then you should start by exploring the possibilities of affiliate programs. Because these are programs wherein you will be able to earn commissions by simply promoting or selling others products or services. There are a few Affiliate programs in Malaysia but most of them put higher web traffic visitors rules in order approve your participation in that program. But it hard to get through by new comers or beginners. So the best choice affiliate program in Malaysia for beginners is Accesstrade Referral Program.


Accesstrade, fully digitalized automation program let you make money online while you were sleeping. No.1 affiliate Marketing program in Japan now leading to Top Referral program in Malaysia!
Who Can Join the Referral Program

Who Can Join the Referral Program?

Anyone can join the Referral Program and those has websites, blogs, social media accounts with a good numbers of followers can join the Accesstrade Affiliate Program and make money online.

3 Simple tricks to make money online with Accesstrade referral program.

1. You promote or review about the product you want affiliate through a blog, video, photographs and share it at facebook, twitter, instagram or any other suitable social media with affiliate link given to you.

2. If someone who viewed the product through the link that you provided had purchased within the stipulated period.

3.Once they purchased, the transaction is completed and then you will receive the commission within the period agreed opon by Accesstrade.

There are a few different kinds of affiliate programs which you can join here in Malaysia.

1) Digital products

Digital products are those products that are downloaded electronically. These include ebooks, videos and music CDs among others. As far as I’m concerned, the best way to promote these products is actually through affiliate programs. These are where you will be able to earn commissions by simply promoting the product on your website or blog.

But first, you need to find a program which best suites your needs. This is because some of these affiliate programs in Malaysia include products which are best suited for juniors while others are best suited for adults. And also depends on the niche that you plan to go into and the keywords which you intend on using. Lastly, before you choose an affiliate program, you need to ask yourself if you’re actually into it, as it is said that execution is what makes the fortune or worthless.

2) Physical products

Apart from digital products, there are companies who offer physical products as well. This include, but is not limited to, kitchen appliances, books, music CDs and DVDs among others. However, you need to select a reliable companies that pay you well and offer adequate materials or tools such as adverts or marketing tools for you to use.

3) Discount offers

This is also called residual income, you will be paid a certain percentage on every unit of their product sold. These can range from 5% to 75%. The companies here in Malaysia which offer this kind of affiliate programs tend to be the online retailers who sell more generic products, which are mainly electronics and appliances among others.

So now that you know where to find these affiliate programs that you can promote for earning nice residual income, but then you need to be careful. Just because a company offers you an affiliate program doesn’t mean that you will get a steady commission. These programs also tend to change frequently and at times suddenly cancel all these affiliate programs. So be careful, choose only legit and reputable company and constantly looking for new update and new oppurtunity in Accesstrade. And not to follow blindly of these three simple tricks, put effort in researching quality of the product and services you are plan to promote and avoid scams in the process.