Grow Your Business Using Our Facebook Marketing Services

Grow Your Business Using Our Digital Marketing Services.
We deliver Facebook Page Management services to engage and grow audiences for local businesses.

We Provide:-
Facebook page setup & management
My Google Business setup
Facebook & Google paid advertising

Reach more customers via social media marketing.


Make the most of Facebook Marketing

Drive Sales & Enquiries

Increase sales and grow your business.

Find New Customers

Facebook Advertising able to help you scale your business

Website Traffics

Incorporating Facebook ads into your marketing funnel can to drive customers to your website.

Choose one of our Facebook Marketing and Advertising packages for your business.

Increase your social media presence. We help you grow by targeting your most profitable customers. Godigital Malaysia provides competitively priced outsourced Facbeook Marketing services in Malaysia.

RM 100

Basic Package

Monthly / Min. 5 Months
4 posts/month
FB Page Setup
FB Ads Account Setup

web design in Malaysia
Gold Website Design Package

RM 300

Standard Package

Monthly / Min. 3 Months
8 posts/month
FB Page Setup
FB Ads Account Setup
1 Ads / Boost Post
My Google Business Setup & Management

RM 500

Advance Package

Monthly / Min. 3 Months
12 posts/month
FB Page Setup
FB Ads Account Setup
2 Ads / Boost Post
Minimum 100 Likes /month
My Google Business Setup & Management

Platinum Website Design Package

Why You Should Advertise in Facebook

Specific Audiences Targeting

– Facebook ads allow you to target specific audiences of people who will be most interested in your product. You can choose to target:

– A Facebook audience is a group of people who are interested in a specific topic, location, industry, job title, etc. The audience can be defined by the data that Facebook has on its users.

– Custom audiences: A potential audience for your ads or other content based on your marketing activities.

– Lookalike audiences: audiences who are similar to your most valuable customers.

With Facebook ads, you can advertise at a much lower cost. The automated budget optimization and automatic placement functions help to maximize your conversions, which is a huge benefit.

eCommerce Website Design

Startup Small Businesses Package