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In my previous post I have written Why Every Business Needs a Website. If you are running on very tight budget, this article with video explanation on how to create website for free may help you. There are many ways to create a free website, however we have listed 3 best website builder below. You may able to create a site within hours, or more depends on your experience and understanding.

The free creation of a personal or business website using your own domain is possible. Nevertheless, it is impossible to obtain a high quality website without in-depth web design know-how and the use of professional web building tools.

Let’s get started!

1. Google Sites

How to create a website with Google Sites. Google Sites is a website builder provid by Google that you can use to create fairly advanced websites in just minutes. The reason I believe it would be such a great solution for many people is because it is simple drag drop builder.

2. Profreehost

In this video, you will be shown step by step how you can make a free website on WordPress with Profreehost free hosting.


Mailchimp, which was previously known only for its email marketing platform, now also has its own website builder function. It serves both small businesses and large organizations and is the best website developer so you can build your business brand. The websiteBuilder feature is free and available to all users. It can upgrade your website without having to search for a new webhost.

Once you have completed your research and know what you want to do, you can decide to use the free Website Builder. When you sign up for your free account. You can use email marketing platform and website builder for free. If you want to use another domain, you can buy it via mailchimp or connect to other services.
3 Pages Website for Your Business